You Deserve To Shop In-Store

We’re not embarrassed to be here, and you shouldn’t be either.

Did you know that the number one reason people don’t visit adult stores is because they’re too embarrassed? Embarrassment and shame have no place in your sex life and no place in an Adam & Eve retail location. We’re not embarrassed to enhance our customers’ sex lives, to bring them more pleasure, and to offer them more joy and sexual fulfillment, so why should you be embarrassed to ask for it? We think you deserve to get what you’re craving.
If you’re checking out our website, we hope that means you’re ready to take the plunge and come see us inperson. Making you feel comfortable enough to embrace the experience and take your desires from fantasy to reality is the reason we’re here!

And if you’re carrying around some misplaced guilt, we have a basket by the door where you can drop it on the way in and a few suggestions to help you relax and enjoy your adult store shopping experience!

1. Take A Friend

While bringing your significant other might be ideal, we understand that sometimes you need to put a toe in the water before doing a cannonball. So, grab a girlfriend or your best bro and make an afternoon or evening of it. It’s okay to giggle a little and to ask as many questions as you want. Our staff are knowledgeable about all of our products and ready to help you explore the possibilities. Sometimes you need that little push from your bestie (“Do it! You totally need that!”) to let your hair down and let go of your inhibitions. Torn between two choices? One for you, one for the bestie, and meet back later for product reviews over margaritas or beers! Friends exist to support you in times of need, to love you at your lowest, and to hold your hand when you need someone to say, “Buy that vibrator or I’m buying it for you!”

2. Go At A Slow Time

In the words of Dr. Phil, “No one confesses in a crowd.” So, if you’re feeling a little shy and apprehensive about shopping in a crowd, no worries! Pick a slow time to shop. Weekends and evenings tend to have more foot traffic, so what about a Tuesday morning? Or a Thursday afternoon? Click here for our store hours and plan your trip! And remember that no one really comes to an Adam & Eve retail location to watch other people shop. They’ve got goals and no time to spy on you, so leave the baseball cap and dark sunglasses at home.

Also, to note: Due to COVID-19 restrictions, the number of people in-store at one time is restricted, so by necessity, you’ll have more privacy to browse while these restrictions are in place. And you’ll be wearing a face mask. Let your mask loosen your inhibitions.

3. Shop Online First and Get Familiar

If you find the idea of walking into an adult store intimidating or overwhelming, stay behind your screen and do some online browsing first. It might help you to know what kind of products to expect and to get an idea of the products you want to check out. If you’re thinking about buying your first (or a new) vibrator, click through our online store and explore. Then, come on in and see what some of your faves look, feel, and sound like in person. You never know what other options might catch your eye, but by browsing online first, you will be prepared for the buffet of toys available. And if you’re intimidated by specific toys or novelties, scroll through online and see what they’re all about. It’s the unknown that is scary and intimidating. Do some homework, then stroll through our doors like a pro.

4. There’s Nothing Embarrassing About Being A Lifetime Learner

Did you know everything there was to know about sex after your first time? Of course not! With age and experience, you added some tricks to your repertoire. Now, it’s time to add some tools to your toolbox! If you think adult stores are all about vibrators, your preconceptions are about to be blown away! Sure, we have an extensive variety of vibes, but we also have couples’ toys, lingerie, lubes for every occasion, toys for anal play, and so much more. Visiting an adult store like an Adam & Eve retail location is your chance to explore, learn, and take some risks. Thought bondage was only a fantasy? We’ve got kits for beginners and supplies for our seasoned pros. Want to introduce some new ideas to your partner but unsure how to broach the topic? Consider a sex game to expand both of your sexual boundaries in way that’s fun and non-threatening. Consider your local Adam & Eve store your sexual library--put on your pocket protector and reading glasses and come on in for some study time. Learning is perfectly respectable (and sexy!).

5. Embrace Your Kink (or Add A Dash Of Spice To Your Usual Vanilla)

Maybe you’ve been preparing your whole life for this and you just needed some encouragement. In that case, we have our pom-poms shaking just for you! Got a secret kink you’ve been dying to embrace? Now is your chance to grab ahold of it with both hands! We’ve got everything you need to make your fantasies a reality! Have you been oh-so-vanilla for so long that you’re afraid to reach into the spice cabinet? No problem. A dash of lube and a bullet might just put the heat back into your chili powder! It’s that taste of something new that can whet a sexual appetite and make you hungry for more. Come in and discover your new favorite take-out! Whether you’re ready to take a peek under the sheets or finally buy that under-the-bed restraint system, your Adam & Eve store offers you the chance to expand your palette (flavored lubes and all!) and own your kink!
We opened our Garden gate just for people like you. Sex is a vital part of everyone’s lives, so let your embarrassment go. Open every door you’ve been dreaming about and take a bite of your forbidden fruit! The only pink cheeks you should have are the ones you get from our whips and spankers!

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Shop Online Now!Discover Thousands Of Other Items In Our Online Store...From The Comfort Of Home